Ever since the Siege of Snisnar, Dan Regal and his friends have been on the run, keeping in touch with their former teacher, Darius Saget, to keep abreast of news out in the real world.

Dan’s ragtag team find themselves in a race against time to uncover the mysterious Relics of Time before the Scorpion - for the Relics are the Scorpion’s only hope to build a weapon that will defeat Dan, once and for all.

As the Norcinite world finds itself on the brink of battle, each and every person must be asked the ultimate question: Who will submit to their hatred and their fear, and who will stand up for what they know to be right?

In this fast-paced fifth installment of his epic twelve-part series, The Noricin Chronicles, Mark Sheldon mercilessly pulls his readers further into his world of mystery, riddles, and adventure as he brings us ever closer to the inexorable climax of this thrilling story.

The Relics of Time is the fifth of twelve installments in The Noricin Chronicles by Mark Sheldon. Click here to find out where you can buy your copy!

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Artwork by Mark Sheldon

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