"A story that draws the reader in from the very first line...The story of the Noricin legacy is compelling and magical. Mark Sheldon has created a masterpiece."
~Mark Miner
A House Divided; The Bed and Breakfast; The Spell of Deception; and Willamette Werewolves


“[Mark Sheldon] easily moves this complex story with ease… I for one can’t wait to see Part 2 and what Dan and his friends learn in the next year at the Steven Noricin School for the New Race.”
~Dr. Patricia Petty – author, speaker, writer

“A real page-turner, easy to read, easy to follow and I want to read more…[Mark Sheldon’s] words flow as smooth as a Stephen King novel.”
~Bill Rosen, Author

“[The Lost Boy] is a tale of riddles, lineage and super humans, and will have you turning every page rapidly…I for one have a keen interest to discover just who is the lost boy Dan Regal and what is his destiny?”
~Kyra Dawson, Brighter Scribe

"Rife with fantastical action and adventure, The Lost Boy is a magical read...Mark Sheldon blends the magic of Harry Potter with the subtle moral undertones of Lord of the Rings to forge an imaginative tale of courage, bravery, and self-discovery...[Dan's] struggle along the road to ultimate enlightenment is one with which readers young and old alike are sure to identify...A thoroughly entertaining, eye-opening read."
~Chelsea Perry, Apex Reviews

"Mark Sheldon has written likable characters who stick together through adversity as first year students at The Steven Noricin School for the New Race. The story plot reads easily with interesting twists to capture an audience who prefer the fantasy/adventure genre. I can't wait to follow Daniel and his friends into The Noricin Chronicles Part 2 and beyond."
~Diane Sismour

"To read the Mark Sheldon book, The Lost Boy, is to become a part of a puzzle...Sheldon has a mind which explores deep concepts in intriguing ways."
~Anna Patterson, Journalist

"Fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the like do not pass up Dan Regal...Fast reading, page turner to the very end."
~Jessica Wirth

"Altogether I found [The Lost Boy] delightfully refreshing, and it took me back to when I sat in a fence corner of our family farm reading about wizards and villains. Enthusiastically recommended."
~Gerry Burnie, Author
Two Irish Lads

"For those who have enjoyed Harry Potter, Septimus Heap etc... and are looking for the 'next' book to sink your teeth into then The Lost Boy is the book for you. Filled with excitement, adventure, and humour Dan Regal and friends capture your heart and imagination. "
~Calley Bryson

"When I first started reading The Lost Boy…I thought I'd stumbled upon a book for preteens. That initial thought couldn't be further from the truth…An engaging story; with multidimensional characters and an intriguing plot, I found it difficult to put down.
[Sheldon]q has the ability to transport the reader directly into the story. Part fantasy, part drama, with dashes of comedy, and mystery, this first book is a decent start to what promises to be an adventure and a half."

~Yoli Washington, Amazon

"This is an intriguing story, of a young man’s attempts for acceptance in both our world and another one where, while he’s similar to its inhabitants, he’s still a bit of an anomaly. It’s full of witty and sharp dialogue, and is a story that I’m looking forward to following in the coming volumes."
~Tony Paul, www.tonivsweeney.com


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