“[The Gottlehrling Goblet] brings you deeper into the mythology of the Norcinites and Dan Regal …Amongst the challenges of final exams, the distraction of first love, riddles and secrets, mystery and murder, how will Dan and his friends manage to survive?
~Kyra Dawson, Brighter Scribe

"In The Gottlehrling Goblet...author Mark Sheldon continues the fateful saga of young Dan Regal. Having withstood the traumatic initial attack from the Scorpion, Dan is forced to redouble his efforts the second time around – and the fierce determination of his relentless internal resolve is palpable. Also, faced with a host of daunting new challenges, young Regal has no choice but to think on his feet as his “education” soon takes him into exciting – and dangerous – new territory. Engaging, imaginative, and action-packed, The Gottlehrling Goblet is an enthralling continuation of what is quickly proving to be quite the entertaining fantasy saga. A recommended read."
Chelsea Perry, Apex Reviews

"Through Mark Sheldon’s adapt storytelling, this fast-paced book delights and intrigues with a glimpse into coming of age possibilities and the dangerous catastrophes which are sure to follow."
~Diane Sismour

"After reading the first book, The Lost Boy, I could not help but pick this book up within minutes of finishing the first and reading it to the end without putting it down! A thrilling sequel to the first I can see this book being on my 'well read' shelf and reading again and again for many years to come."
Calley Bryson

"Book 2 in The Noricin Chronicles steps up the adventure and raises the stakes for Dan and his two best friends. Mark Sheldon's witty, engrossing tale is a definite must read. Captivating and thrilling, you won't be able to put this book down."
~Yoli Washington, Amazon


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